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2 Tips to Manage Your Energy

September 24, 2012

The power to manage so many aspects of our lives is in our hands. Some of them we’re aware of and do pretty regularly, like managing our households, workloads, and finances. But there’s one important aspect of our lives to manage that many of us don’t think of often: our personal energy.

Each of us starts out each day with a supply of personal energy, and we choose how we spend it throughout the day. Managing our energy so we feel healthy and energetic, rather than depleted and exhausted, gets easier when we know a couple of tricks to help.

Tip #1. Choose activities & interactions that energize you.

All activities and interactions—from the conversation you have with a coworker in the break room to the jog you take each morning to the kinds of music you listen to—are energy exchanges, so each we engage in throughout our day either increases or decreases our personal energy. Choosing activities and interactions that energize you is the best way to ensure your energy is strong throughout the day.

How do you know if an activity or interaction energizes you? It’s all in your feelings.

If something energizes you, you’ll feel

  • excited
  • enthusiastic
  • light
  • happy
  • smiley
  • look forward/anticipation

If you’re excited or enthusiastic about an activity, chances are it’s one that energizes you

If something depletes you, you’ll feel

  • a sense of foreboding
  • dread or a desire to put it off
  • disengaged
  • a sinking feeling in your chest or stomach
  • tired or down-right exhausted

Think about yesterday’s schedule. What did you do that energized you? What did you do that depleted you? Noticing and keeping track of your activities will help you better understand how they add to or take away from your personal energy and help you better manage it.

Once you notice which activities energize you, choose them as often as possible to keep your energy level strong each day.

2. Replenish your energy.

Sometimes we can’t avoid situations or interactions that deplete us to one degree or another. You may have to go to a family function and interact with a relative that routinely drains you. Or you may be required to attend a work meeting that you didn’t expect to be so long or frustrating and leave feeling tired. Occurrences like that are common for all of us, but we can effectively manage our personal energy by making sure we replenish the energy that these occurrences drain from us.

To do this, do activities that energize you shortly after you start to feel drained. I find it helpful to make & keep handy a list of activities that energize me. I call this my ‘happy list” and find that immediately doing items on it help fill my energy bucket back up. Items on your list could include:

  • listen to music you enjoy
  • watch a funny movie
  • meditation or breathing techniques
  • drink a glass of water
  • rest or take a nap
  • play with your kids
  • take a bath
  • diffuse essential oils
  • engage in your favorite hobby

The more things on the list the better—it will give you a large pool of things to draw on to fill up your energy bucket in different situations whenever you feel drained.

Make a “happy list” of activities that energize you to replenish your energy when it’s low.


Managing your personal energy can become as automatic as managing other aspects of your life. Try these two tips to help you and leave a comment letting me know how they helped or any additional tips you have.

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