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About the Zoe Gals

Jennafer Martin

Creative leader and intuitive counselor

Jennafer Martin is a dynamic, humorous, warm instructor, coach and speaker. An entrepreneur, successful  creative leader, Reiki master, ordained non-denominational minister, and intuitive reader and coach, Jennafer has a knack for seeing a big picture and successfully focuses brands and products to their highest earning potential and focuses people to their highest personal potential. In her ten plus years in publishing, Jennafer has improved the profitability of the publications she worked on while simultaneously improving the efficiency and productivity of the teams she led. Utilizing her training as a Myers-Briggs type indicator practitioner as well as her creativity and insights, she’s able to quickly discern roadblocks and turn them into stepping stones to success. Jennafer believes that work should be a product of passion, developing people rather than draining them, and that focused, talented people are the greatest resources for business success.

A lifelong student of spiritual traditions, Jennafer has been fascinated by and passionate about spirituality since childhood. In addition to being a certified Reiki practitioner and non-denominational ordained minister, she practices aromatherapy, prayer and meditation and seeks out practices, traditions and modalities that help people learn, grow or heal along their journeys.

Jennafer has found a great deal of success and personal fulfillment integrating spiritual traditions with business practices. Utilizing meditation and aromatherapy practices helps her find balance during her demanding days and she’s found her intuition to be one of her greatest assets in coaching and mentoring fellow team members.

Jennafer’s knack for getting straight to the heart of the matter and easily helping others identifying ways to improve make her a strong intuitive counselor. She’s also a dynamic speaker and presenter whose seminars help others understand the heart of spirituality and harness its power to achieve success in business as well as in life.


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