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Classes and Presentations

Join us for one of these exciting local and online events:

Unlock Your Psychic Powers Class with Jennafer

You have dreams that later come true… you just know that something is wrong with a loved one without being told… you sense spirits around you at times… you can tell something is going to happen long before it does… If these sound familiar, then you may have psychic powers. If you’ve always suspected that you have psychic powers but aren’t sure how to unlock them, then this class is for you. Psychic Jennafer Martin will teach you keys to unlock your psychic powers, including understanding how they manifest, distinguishing psychic messages from coincidences, practicing and trusting them. You’ll leave with valuable tips and techniques to increase psychic powers that can benefit your life.

Thursday, August 21 7 pm
Duration: 1.5 hours
Place: Crone’s Hollow 
Cost: $15 per person




Ongoing In-Person Classes

Ongoing: Join Jennafer Martin for regular inner guidance meditation & intuition practice or classes for empaths in her meetup groups.

One-on-One/Coaching Services

Jennafer is available for one-on-one coaching, as well. Sheare very skilled in determining specific needs and addressing those needs with personalized solutions.  You’ll be thrilled and amazed with the experience!

Writing Services

The Zoe Gals are talented and capable writers who can add tremendous value to publications for business professionals, women who are trying to do it all and individuals who are reaching for more.  Whether you need a guest blogger, poignant articles or insightful commentary, the Zoe Gals are your answer!

For more information, please emailJennafer at

Speaking… Consulting… Readings…Hypnosis… Reiki… Writing

Looking for a speaker who’ll inspire you? A consultant who’ll help focus you? We can help.

Speaking Services

The gals of Zoe Soul Spa are dynamic speakers as well as skilled consultants. If you’re looking for a little direction for yourself or your team, take time to chat with one of us, whether it’s on one of the topics below or one tailored to your needs.

* Leading with Passion

* Personal Excellence

* Accelerate Your Sales

* Finding Your Passion

* Having It All – Balancing Home, Career and Self

* Secrets of Leading a Spiritual Life

Are you looking for an amazing speaker for your next event?  We have the answer for you!

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